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Former India captain Kris Srikkanth recently voiced his disappointment with Virat Kohli’s aggressive approach in T20 cricket, expressing a desire to see Kohli play his natural game ahead of the T20 World Cup.

Srikkanth’s Critique:

In a recent interview, Srikkanth criticized Kohli’s aggressive avatar displayed during the T20I series against Afghanistan. He believes that Kohli’s approach was ineffective and fell short of expectations.

Historical Perspective:

Srikkanth’s criticism of Kohli’s aggressive style is not a new development. He has previously shared his views on Kohli’s captaincy and the performance of the Indian Test team. Srikkanth has been vocal about concerns regarding the team’s over-reliance on past achievements.

Impact on T20 World Cup Preparation:

As the T20 World Cup approaches, Srikkanth’s critique adds an interesting layer to the discussion around Kohli’s playing style. The Indian team will be under scrutiny to respond effectively and fine-tune their strategy for the upcoming tournament.

Kohli’s Response and Team Dynamics:

The article explores the potential responses from Virat Kohli and the Indian team to Srikkanth’s critique. It delves into how they might adjust their approach in light of this criticism and the impact it may have on team dynamics.


Kris Srikkanth’s recent criticism of Virat Kohli’s aggressive avatar in T20s adds a new dimension to the cricketing narrative. As the T20 World Cup looms, all eyes will be on Kohli and the Indian team to address these concerns and showcase their best performance on the global stage.

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